Sales & Service Optimisation

Increasing Sustainable Profits

We work with organisations to optimise their sales and service teams to produce outstanding results and boost the retention of top performers. By assisting with selection, training, coaching and development, we help to build excellent teams and equip them to deliver consistent results long after our agents have left the project.

We understand that every business has different requirements and take pride in developing bespoke consulting, training and coaching solutions driven by results and backed up by our ROI guarantee.

Everything we do is to increase profits while improving sustainable culture.

Writing on Butcher Paper

We define a successful Sales & Service program as the following:

  1. Sales and service metrics increase by 15%+
  2. There is a measurable and remarkable shift in the team’s culture
  3. Programs produce a measured 10:1 return on investment over 1-3 years
  4. Clients have a selection blueprint in place that improves top performing hires by 50%+

Key Problems We Solve

  • Inconsistent results.
  • Difficulty managing performance.
  • Changes in leadership.
  • Inefficiency in communication and practices.
  • Low customer satisfaction scores.
  • Ineffective systems.
  • High staff turnover.
  • Conflicts within teams.
  • Low morale.
  • Low sales.
  • Lack of systems and processes.
  • Low levels of referral and repeat business.

Our Approach

We use a top down bottom up process that links strategic objectives from leadership and managerial initiatives with frontline training, coaching and development. Our successful Operational Excellence sales & service transformations are achieved through our 5 point change model:

A shift in culture is imperative for any sales and service program to be successful. This is where we start and maintain vision, mission, values and standards all the way through the transformation.

We consult at a high level to pre-wire strategy document a roadmap clearly to serve as the blueprint for our bespoke programs to follow. Programs of this nature are always a collaboration within the top level of management who must champion and bolster the efforts to ensure the program’s success.

We use clear and highly effective systems of visual management and accountability to keep everyone clearly moving towards the programs objectives while training teams to lead, manage, and continuously improve systems and results. Our best practice sales training methods are tailored and customised to suit your businesses specific challenges, points of difference, strengths and priorities.

We use a 4 pillar approach to ensure long term success after our agents have left the project:

  • Consultation – Top level advice and collaboration.
  • Facilitation – Contribution and commitment at all levels.
  • Training – Best practice models with instant application.
  • Coaching – Hands on implementation and guidance at all levels.

Our review processes include monthly data driven program reviews, strategic alignment reporting and behavioural sustainability feedback to ensure strong drive towards the program’s goals, resulting in long term success.

The Big Difference

Clients often tell us we are different. We are highly driven to create sustainable change in sales and service teams. We understand transformation is not easy and it takes drive, care and time to make it work. 

We Believe

  • Great service and sales practices involve a particular mindset and attitude that must be developed and nurtured.
  • The right team dynamic to make it work must be planned rather than expected.
  • Sales and service excellence fixes almost everything within a business.
  • Customers talk about bad experiences far more than good ones.
  • You learn more when you are enjoying the process.
  • People need to know what success looks like in order to achieve it.
  • Success happens when the right kind of environment, people, and guidance works together.
  • Built capability + experience = consistent results.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the ROI in our programs and provide a low risk high commitment engagement model:

Step 1

Mini Diagnostic Consultation

Step 2

Pilot program design and proposal - ROI measures set

Step 3

Pilot program deployment

Step 4

Pilot program review

Step 5

Business wide program design and proposal - ROI measures reset

Step 6

Organisation program deployment


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