Organisational Development

Increasing Sustainable Profits

We work with organisations to help strategy come alive by equipping and aligning specific sets of capabilities and behaviour in staff to achieve profit and internal KPI goals.

We define a successful program as the following:

  1. It produces tangible results that are increased and sustained over time.
  2. Those results directly contribute to the growth of the organisation.
  3. More high quality talent reaches ‘ready to be promoted’ stage, with more talent ready to move up when the opportunity arises.

We partner with our clients to create this success in many different key areas of skill, capability and behaviour. These include:






Conflict Management

High Performance




Recruitment & Induction

Capability Mapping

Training & Development

Talent Assessment


Common Misconceptions

Most Organisational Behaviour programs fail to achieve success due to series of breakdowns within 4 common areas of the business ecosystem:


Problems typically involve a fundamental misunderstanding of what an Organisational Behaviour program needs to be. Some hold the assumption that a once off training program will fix the problem instantly. This leads to disappointment at the post training and development stage that the program did not help achieve the organisational goal as planned.

Culture & Leadership Goals

When everyone isn’t on the same page about the goals and desired outcomes of the company, the program can’t truly succeed – no matter how much HR or the CEO wants it to. Because without the bigger framework of what the outcome is, staff will lose interest as their other day-to-day priorities dominate their mindset.

System – Monitor and Measure

Many Organisational Behaviour initiatives fail due to a lack of consistency in applying what has been learned into daily actions. As good as new understandings or action plans may seem, they often fade into obscurity if they’re not monitored and measured on a regular basis.

Execution & Operators

A lack of buy-in to the new standards of behaviour and ongoing support from senior members contributes to the failure of an Organisational Development program. A clear communication system from top to bottom needs to be maintained along the leadership levels with a view to ensuring all agreed behavioural change is maintained across the company.

Our Approach

We use a top down bottom up process that links strategic objectives from leadership and managerial initiatives with frontline training, coaching and development. Our successful Organisational Development transformations are achieved through our 5 point change model:

  • Initiatives incorporate a built sense of urgency.
  • A micro culture serves the purpose, vision and mission.
  • Cultural change is scaled and developed through our pilot programs.
  • Pre-wired strategy through our proprietary change proposal model.
  • Strategy developed with senior leadership team.
  • Processes facilitated through our bespoke training and development models.
  • Collaboration and accountability tracking.
  • Project dashboard reporting on daily benchmarks.
  • Visible systems giving senior leadership a bird’s eye view of change in real time.
  • Consultation - Top level advice and collaboration.
  • Facilitation - Contribution and commitment at all levels.
  • Training - Best practice models with instant application.
  • Coaching - Hands on implementation and guidance at all levels.
  • Monthly data driven program review.
  • Strategic alignment reporting.
  • Behavioural sustainability reporting.

The Big Difference

Our Organisational Behaviour programs exist to empower, equip and enhance the behaviour and capability of an organisation and the people within. We consistently improve the performance and culture at all levels, using best practice models of behaviour and capability to suit individual, team and company needs. 

We Believe:

  • Organisational behaviour programs should have a FAST return on investment to bottom line business profitability.
  • Programs should incorporate a combination of quick wins and long term victories.
  • Successful programs link behaviour with skills to achieve results.
  • The only way to achieve sustainable results is to shift culture organically and systematically.
  • Consultants and service providers should share the risk and stand by their results.
  • True fulfilment at work comes through aligning to a shared purpose with a shared set of principles and standards.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the ROI in our programs and provide a low risk high commitment engagement model:

Step 1

Mini Diagnostic Consultation

Step 2

Pilot program design and proposal - ROI measures set

Step 3

Pilot program deployment

Step 4

Pilot program review

Step 5

Business wide program design and proposal - ROI measures reset

Step 6

Organisation program deployment


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