Operational Excellence

Creating Lasting Results

We work with organisations to make measured and sustainable gains that increase the profitability of the organisation, by increasing value for customers while creating an environment that attracts and retains the best talent.

We define a successful program as the following:

  1. It produces tangible results – at least 3x the cost of the program year on year.
  2. Those results are increased and sustained over time.
  3. The company’s overall competitiveness in the market is visibly improved.

We partner with our clients to create this success through a focus on the following key areas:


Staff Engagement




Lead Time

Labour Costs






Common Misconceptions

Most operational excellence programs fail to achieve success due to a series of breakdowns within key areas of the business ecosystem over 4 common areas:


Problems typically involve a fundamental misunderstanding of what an Operational Excellence program needs to be. The assumption that cultural change is easy to achieve, or the belief that ‘we should be able to do this internally’ can feed the misconception that putting staff through a Lean course makes a Lean Organisation. Programs don’t work when they are viewed as just a series of new processes – it leads to focus being placed on tools and tasks instead of elevating mindset and culture.

Culture & Leadership

A lack of senior buy-in and consistent management can result in unclear program success and value metrics. Consequentially, staff are unsure of program goals and standards, demotivated by a lack of ongoing leadership, and disconnected from the bigger vision.  With this goal and value misalignment, the program loses its impact, and staff revert back to silo mode.

Systems & Management

Poor planning (or too much planning), combined with the lack of prioritisation and improvement efforts can result in ineffective systems that drain resources within an organisation. These systems lack meaningful, granular visual information such as agile feedback systems, instead relying on unsuitable models and process tools.

Execution & Operators

Staff need regular quick wins and champion recognition to remain engaged and maintain a healthy momentum within their role. Ineffective training, workers in unsuitable roles, and the lack of workshopped collaboration can result in staff losing interest in their work. This dramatically reduces productivity and negatively impacts on other staff and the overall culture of the organisation.

Our Approach

We use a top down bottom up process that links strategic objectives from leadership and managerial initiatives with frontline training, coaching and development. Our successful Operational Excellence transformations are achieved through our 5 point change model:

  • Initiatives incorporate a built sense of urgency.
  • A micro culture serves the purpose, vision and mission.
  • Cultural change is scaled and developed through our pilot programs.
  • Pre-wired strategy through our proprietary change proposal model.
  • Strategy developed with senior leadership team.
  • Processes facilitated through our bespoke training and development models.
  • Collaboration and accountability tracking.
  • Project dashboard reporting on daily benchmarks.
  • Visible systems giving senior leadership a bird’s eye view of change in real time.
  • Consultation - Top level advice and collaboration.
  • Facilitation - Contribution and commitment at all levels.
  • Training - Best practice models with instant application.
  • Coaching - Hands on implementation and guidance at all levels.
  • Monthly data driven program review.
  • Strategic alignment reporting.
  • Behavioural sustainability reporting.

The Big Difference

Our Operation Excellence programs exist to empower a shift in the operational performance of teams, departments and organisations at a cultural level. Our programs are customised to meet the needs of the business we’re working with. We use a toolbox of best practice models of operational excellence, using a bespoke combination of the following best practice methodologies:

Hoshin Kanri: Strategy to define, align, and action clear objectives that reflect company mission and values across all levels of the business.

Lean: Providing the most value while expending minimal resources, time, energy and effort.

Total Quality Management: All members of an organisation participating in continuously improving processes, products, services, and the culture in which they work.

Agile Project Management:  Promoting adaptive planning, evolutionary development, and a rapid and flexible response to change.

Kaizen: Continuous improvement driven by incremental change on a company wide scale that leads to better outcomes.

We Believe

  • Operational Excellence programs should pay for themselves – FAST.
  • Quick and early wins, hands on improvements, and building the capability of team member boost program engagement ten-fold.
  • LEAN and Operational Excellence programs are as much about behavioural change and mindset as they are about tools, processes and models.
  • The only way to achieve sustainable results is to shift culture and support behavioural change.
  • Consultants and service providers should share the risk and stand by their results.
  • True fulfilment at work comes through aligning to a shared purpose with a shared set of principles and standards.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the ROI in our programs and provide a low risk high commitment engagement model:

Step 1

Mini Diagnostic Consultation

Step 2

Pilot program design and proposal - ROI measures set

Step 3

Pilot program deployment

Step 4

Pilot program review

Step 5

Business wide program design and proposal - ROI measures reset

Step 6

Organisation program deployment


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