Change Management & Leadership

Creating Champions of Change

We work with organisations to assist in transitioning from their current state to their desired state. Change leadership is at the heart of everything we do, and our bespoke solutions are designed to develop leadership and manage the process of change in teams, departments, enterprises and organisations.

We design a true business case and value proposition for change at all levels – from leadership team change proposal to team and individual agreements and accountability. Our aim is to create champions of change within your business by influencing all employees to change the way they think and work – which is as much of an art as it is a science.

Hands Up

We define a successful program as the following:

  1. The brief and program value are clearly defined.
  2. Core objectives are met and agreed ROI is delivered.
  3. Change capability built in staff with demonstrated evidence in applying thinking and methodology for ongoing results.

Types of Change

  • Individual change
  • Initiative change
  • Organisational Change
  • Capability Development


  • Executive Team
  • Project Team
  • Management
  • Leaders
  • Frontline staff


  • Strong shared purpose
  • Clear and visible reinforcement systems
  • Skills and training to make it happen
  • Change champions and role models


  • Shifting mindsets
  • Influencing attitudes
  • Changing perspectives
  • Delivering improvement
  • Boosting performance
  • Building change capability at all levels

Our Approach

We use a top down bottom up process that links strategic objectives from leadership and managerial initiatives with frontline training, coaching and development. Our successful Business transformations are achieved through our 5 point change model:

  • Initiatives incorporate a built sense of urgency.
  • A micro culture serves the purpose, vision and mission.
  • Cultural change is scaled and developed through our pilot programs.
  • Pre-wired strategy through our proprietary change proposal model.
  • Strategy developed with senior leadership team.
  • Processes facilitated through our bespoke training and development models.
  • Collaboration and accountability tracking.
  • Project dashboard reporting on daily benchmarks.
  • Visible systems giving senior leadership a bird’s eye view of change in real time.
  • Consultation - Top level advice and collaboration.
  • Facilitation - Contribution and commitment at all levels.
  • Training - Best practice models with instant application.
  • Coaching - Hands on implementation and guidance at all levels.
  • Monthly data driven program review.
  • Strategic alignment reporting.
  • Behavioural sustainability reporting.

We Believe

  • Change comes from the actions of many individuals within a larger framework.
  • Change is a choice.
  • You cannot convince someone to change – but you can help them convince themselves.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the ROI in our programs and provide a low risk high commitment engagement model:

Step 1

Mini Diagnostic Consultation

Step 2

Pilot program design and proposal - ROI measures set

Step 3

Pilot program deployment

Step 4

Pilot program review

Step 5

Business wide program design and proposal - ROI measures reset

Step 6

Organisation program deployment


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