Business Intelligence & Analytics

“In God We Trust, All Others Must Bring Data”

– Williams Edwards Deming –

Working in a group

Excellent Business Intelligence lies at the core of any successful business. For what can be measured, can be improved.

BIG Change Agency offers a world class Business Intelligence reporting platform that is easy to use and fast to deploy, providing a highly visual and comprehensive solution across entire enterprises.

Our intuitive analytics software allows organisations to:

  • Track KPIs visually with real time data and scheduled reports
  • Instantly share knowledge and content
  • Assign individual and team goals and close the execution gap
  • Facilitate effective discussions via a Facebook-like newsfeed
  • Effectively align actions with strategy on a global scale
  • Collectively decide the best course of action

Available on any device or platform, our software allows our clients to take faster action toward KPIs anywhere, anytime. We turn data into wisdom, useful information, and streamlined collaboration, saving time and money while driving your business forward.

The Big Difference

Our approach to Business Intelligence comes through observing what drives great decision making and collaboration in organisations.  Beautiful dashboards and intuitive communication and collaboration tools drive intelligent decision making at all levels within a business.

Through needs analysis, expert Business Intelligence strategy, and engaging training we bring data to life in a way that not only takes the guessing out of decisions, but fosters a culture of informed and collaborative execution.

We Believe

  • Effective Business Intelligence engages employees at every level.
  • Good Business Intelligence should foster collaboration.
  • Great decisions require clear information.
  • Data should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.
  • Technology, when at its best, easily becomes part of how we do things.


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