The Secret Value of the outsider

I hear managers and senior executives quite often tout that they don’t use external consultants, trainers, coaches.

That the prefer to keep everything “in house”
That they would rather hire employees to solve problems and meet challenges.


The value of the outsider is in the perspective they bring.

In firestations, a phenomena occurs where all the firemen, over time, begin to share the same beliefs and core assumptions……whether or not they are true…..

The value of the outsider is in the fresh eyes…..the new way of seeing the problem….the limited time to provide value and the BOLDNess to suggest a new approach or recommend an innovative path.

The value of the outsider is in the immunity from internal politics….the brashness to call it like it is…the ability to cut through the many layers of politics to see the issue as it is…. without having to mind their p and qs.

The value of the outsider is in the reduced risk in the hire….sure the fees are higher than employee wages….however you do not have to deal with benefits, holiday pay, workers comp, HR issues, union claims, etc etc….

And some of these marvellous “Outsiders” even guarantee that the value of their work will pay for their fees 😉

Just sayin……..



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