Vinesh Sivan

Change Agent Vinesh Sivan

A change agent for the BCA team in Malaysia, Vinesh is an indomitable force focused on delivering outstanding results in every project.

Specialising in helping companies and NPO’s improve their bottom-line, Vinesh has mentored hundreds of individuals and developed innovative sales campaigns for major organisations including the Peter MacCallum Cancer Foundation, NBCF, Red Cross, UNICEF, The Mark Group, Australia Power and Gas (just to name a few) with some incredible results along the way.

Vinesh’s infectious personality, his impressive array of business management abilities, and his incredible personal drive to deliver the best possible results make him an indispensible part of the BCA team. Vinesh brings to the team an impressive array of skills including sales strategy & analysis, creating amazing team cultures, customer service excellence, and sales training & coaching… or as he likes to call it: Hunting, Closing and Farming.

A true people person and valuable business partner, Vinesh is passionate about helping the organisations he partners with to reach and exceed their goals.


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