Simon Murray

Change Agent Simon Murray

Leading the BIG Change Agency’s manufacturing team, Simon is a natural process improvement specialist. With a background covering industries from bricks to bread, Simon has assisted dozens of organisations move towards operational excellence with the processes used being applicable in small family businesses through to billion dollar multinationals alike.

With his experience covering Engineering, Operational and General Management positions, Simon brings a unique perspective to business improvement that enables programs to be developed that engage and impact all areas of the organisation. Understanding how every aspect of a business process fits together, Simon focuses on developing and improving systems that eliminate waste in all of its forms.

Typically, Improvement Programs are often tailored to suit the consultant – a fixed program – with results only seen well into the later stages of the roll-out. This helps nobody. Simon and BIG Change Agency adapt every initiative to the individual business client and ensure long-lasting value is added from the very first site visit.


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