Marilyn McKinlay

Change Agent Marilyn Mckinlay

Marilyn is a Change Agent with extensive knowledge of the education and training sectors. A successful business owner and coach, Marilyn’s diverse professional experience includes a 15 year Directorship of a manufacturing business, where her leadership and business acumen grew annual turnover to in excess of $20 million.

Also a former secondary school teacher and vocational trainer, Marilyn is able to assess and develop comprehensive programs that support a wide range of initiatives across all levels of an organisation. She understands that coaching and mentoring play a large role in engaging employees and aligning them with the vision and mission of a company. Empowering employees within their own organisational roles is essential to any company’s success, and as such Marilyn thrives when working with individuals and teams to elevate their performance.

Marilyn’s extensive training and practical experience make her a key player in driving leadership and creating change within the organisations she partners with. She firmly believes that a company’s staff is the most important piece of the game of success, and specialises in building programs that encourage and equip people to excel in their roles, adding value to all businesses she partners with.


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