John Bell

Change Agent John Bell

A mechanical engineer with 40 years experience working in the automotive industry, John has worked with some of the biggest and best car manufacturers in Australia. With a range of experience over multiple senior roles in Engineering, Product Planning, Quality Assurance, Technical Planning, and Manufacturing, John understands how to build the right ecosystem for a manufacturing business to thrive.

In his final years at Toyota, John concurrently held the roles of Executive Program Manager (Product Leader) and Project Control Leader for the locally manufactured Camry line of vehicles which were also exported to the Middle East’s GCC countries. He employed matrix management principles using Toyota’s ‘Obeya’ concepts to break down barriers and to reinforce team cultures in order to pursue common goals.

Today John still utilizes the strong and effective practices for which Toyota are famous.  His skill at blending the fundamentals of Agile management processes with Lean philosophies and strategic engagement ensures successful program outcomes, particularly in IT product and service management.

John’s keen ability to visualise strategy while utilizing successful mentoring, coaching and team building skills enable all clients he works with to achieve success.


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