Jason Jones

Change Agent Jason Jones

Jason possesses a unique skill set that incorporates operational experience in Executive Government and Private  Sector roles, as well as continuing to be a Elite Sporting Coach (Rugby Union).

Bringing 22 years of experience to the BCA team, Jason has worked with the Queensland Police Service (QPS), National Crime Authority (NCA) and Australian Crime Commission (ACC).  During his tenure,  Jason managed specialised units such as the Homicide Squad, Organised Crime Unit, Armed Robbery Taskforce, Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Taskforce, Special Operations Group and Security Intelligence Branch.

Whilst working in the QPS, Jason was directly in charge of the security of numerous Heads of State including HRH Queen, former British Prime Minister’s Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, Former United States President Bill Clinton and  former Australian Prime Minister John Howard.  Jason was awarded a Presidential commendation by the United States Secret Service for his outstanding  and professional service whilst In Charge of President Clinton’s security.

Jason has applying the Continuous Improvement methodology in his unique background  and business environments for over 25 years with outstanding demonstrated success. Jason has successfully rolled out continuous improvement programs across 2 of the BIG four banks in the last 5 years, and has also designed and deployed service improvement registers on a national retail scale (850+ branches) and across 32 countries.

Renowned for his passionate delivery of Cultural Change programs, Jason is a dynamic Change Agent who successfully improves business models and processes streams across multiple industries and geographies.


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