Chris Tobing

Change Agent Chris Tobing

Enduring his formidable way from the professional sectors of the Melbourne Central Business District, before transitioning into ownership of several successful non for profit organizations, Christopher understands first hand, the challenges and lost opportunities of mismanaged development programs within a corporate work place.

Through this direct exposure and constant progressive refinement from the world’s best mentors, Christopher has now consulted, facilitated, trained and coached C-level executives within large multinational corporations, leading regional companies and medium sized business operations in creating a sustainable change for the future driven by the powerful vehicle in encompassed corporate and individual goals.

With two Bachelor Degrees, a Master Degree and a training background that is consumed entirely within the corporate world of big business enterprises, Christopher understands the need of having a training and change management program that delivers sustainable results and scalability on global scale.

Christopher is a proud Board Member of Care4KidsIndonesia, a charity organisation focused on improving the quality of education in Indonesia. Christopher is also the Founder and Director of NusantaRun, Indonesia’s first crowd-fundraising ultra-marathon event that provides education grants to other charity foundations.


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