Benny Ausmus

Change Agent Benny Ausmus

CEO and Lead Facilitator of the BIG Change Agency – Benny Ausmus is a natural change maker. With a background in psychology and business coaching, Benny has assisted over 100 business leaders, executives, and sales directors in facilitating their organisations’ inner working and operative environment.

Understanding how small changes can create big differences, Benny emphasises on delivering minor yet valuable improvements that truly work, mostly through strategic consultation, cultural change facilitation, business training and coaching with BIG Change Agency.

With his experience as a business trainer and facilitator for many national and international organisations including Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and EXA IT Solutions; Benny has successfully delivered more than 150 training sessions and workshops.

More than just a positive working environment, the aptitude and mentality of leaders can greatly impact, inspire and motivates the team. That’s why Benny also pays special attention at providing the training and advice that leaders need. Nobody was born a great leader, but they can be championed and driven to the top with the help of BIG Change Agency.


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