About Us

We’re a group of deeply passionate and highly effective Change Agents with wide ranging expertise across multiple industries. We’re driven by our desire to promote new levels of excellence within every organisation we work with through our unique blend of business strategy and human behaviour insight.

BIG Change Agency is built on the success of a core group of top performing consultants, facilitators and trainers and draws from a large and highly skilled network of over 500 Change Agents.

Our clients and partners see significant improvements in the financial performance of their business, with a workforce that is more dynamic, focused, and productive in a positive workplace culture underpinned by continuous improvement.

Our Vision

A better world through better business.
Empowering Progressive and transformative change for a better tomorrow.

Our Mission

We exist to shift the status quo, enable progress, empower staff, and produce measurable improvements in every business that we partner with.

Our Values

Our core values drive us to enforce benchmarks of excellence with all our professional partnerships.

Outstanding Results

  • Define clear criteria for success up front.
  • Deliver sustainable and replicable improvements.
  • Guarantee programs will produce returns – and stand by them.

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Build collective capability with all initiatives.
  • Drive every team by vision, mission and standards.
  • Generate input and ideas from every level and function.

Fostering Leadership at all Levels

  • Drive agreements for all changes from a senior level down.
  • Identify, develop and build capability in key change champions.
  • Build accountability, commitment and ownership for all.

Resourceful Growth

  • Develop problem solving capability at all levels.
  • Fulfil promises and over deliver on all project objectives.
  • Pilot and scale winning strategies – every environment is unique.

Generous Contribution

  • Deliver more value than promised.
  • Be involved in charity work.
  • Practice kindness for others.

Professionalism with a Sense of Fun

  • Make change enjoyable as much as possible.
  • Be personable, professional and influential.
  • Bring fun to all teaching and learning.


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