We Build Transformation Programs that Deliver BIG Results

We help teams, departments, enterprises and organisations of all sizes reach their full potential.

BIG Change Agency is a boutique consulting and training firm that works in close collaboration with clients to increase profits while improving business culture.

We serve as the external catalyst that drives sustainable initiatives to solve problems, meet challenges, and operate at peak performance.

We accomplish this by providing clear strategy, building lasting capability, driving engagement, and shifting status quo thinking within the individuals, teams, departments and organisations we work with.

Through the design and implementation of bespoke programs and strategies, we create measurable results, outstanding ROI and sustainable change.

Program ROI Guaranteed

The team at BIG Change Agency stand by our results.

We offer a ROI guarantee on programs based on performance measures we set together with our clients.

This means that if the program does not achieve the ROI promised, we refund the difference.

We are pleased to report a 100% success rate across dozens and dozens of successful business transformation projects.

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Why Change?

12% Reduction in Customer Complaints
20% Reduction in Staff Turnover
25% Increase in Customer Satisfaction
30% Reduction in Business Process Waste
30% Reduction in Staff Absenteeism
38% Increase in Sales Conversions
40% Increase in Measurable Productivity
40% Increase in Staff Satisfaction
70% Increase in Net Promoter Score

It All Starts With A New Discussion

BIG Change Agency is built on the success of a core group of top performing consultants, coaches, analysts, facilitators and trainers. In addition, we draw from a large and highly skilled network of Change Agents with a global reach.

Our teams serve our ever growing clientele SMBs and charity organisations across 12 industries with offices in Melbourne &Jakarta

A world away from traditional management consulting, BIG Change Agency exists to empower, develop and drive change at all levels of business. We work closely with our clients to achieve agreed hard and soft ROIs, setting clear objectives and expectations from Day 1.

We stand accountable for our clients’ results and back our fees and reputation on every project.

As such, we don’t work with everyone, only those we know we can assist to achieve outstanding results.

Hands Up

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We are the external catalysts that close the gap between Strategy and Execution

How We Make It Happen

The Analysis, Diagnosis and Strategy

BIG Change Agency will work with you to understand your scope objectives and offer clear advice based on research and analysis we conduct within your business. We then develop a program plan in collaboration with your leadership team and put the measures of success and benchmarks clearly in place.

The Collective Plan to Improve Together

We run structured, highly interactive and collaborative discussions that define each organisational group’s ideas, responsibilities, and outcomes and standards for the program, bringing into alignment the program’s purpose in a way that brings everyone together in the process – even the most sceptical staff in the room.

The Build of Knowledge and Capability

BIG Change Agency draws on hundreds of proven strategies and models that upgrade and shift the thinking of the group in support of the project’s purpose and results. Our blend of business acumen with behavioural change expertise drives individuals within the team to work towards the group’s goal.

The Ongoing Support and Accountability

We continue to champion individuals within the business by providing them with support, building their capability, and keeping them accountable to the new standards of results set for the business. This cements the improved status quo, sustainably driving growth, profit, and operational excellence.

Client Results

Telstra Business Centre – Point Cook

The Team was hitting their sales targets around 60% of the time, and there were inconsistent results from the team. This resulted in unpredictable cash flow for the growing business and ongoing tensions and frustrations in the teams.

The NPS – net promoter score was at an average of 30, which was an issue as substantial financial penalty was applied by the businesses supplier and licensor for not achieving an NPS score over 60. This was also reflected in the lack of repeat business and cross selling to current clients in the database.

BCA focused on improving the consultative phone selling approach, BIG Change developed and implemented a training and coaching program with three primary objectives:

  1. Increase sales conversion to over $30k per month per consultant.
  2. Improve Customers satisfaction by measure of Net Promoter Score above 68%.
  3. Boost employee satisfaction and retention rates to 100% retention of performing consultants.

The Results

  • Gross profit per month per employee increased by 70%.
  • NPS increased into the advocacy level of 95.
  • Greater job satisfaction resulting in zero turnover in the team in the last 6 months.

PT Inti Prima Rasa Indonesia

PT Inti Prima Rasa was facing increasing demand year on year from its major customer. Although demand on their high quality products was high, the growth of the business was reducing in profitability year on year and the business was in danger of being unable to meet supply demands with the current processes and operational procedures in place.

By working within the manufacturing team, BCA were able to establish systematic improvements that transformed the business. These improvements included increasing employee confidence and proactive attitudes, building and developing lean capacity in the team, and designing and installing a business intelligence and continuous improvement system.

The Results

Increased line efficiency by 35%
Increased revenue by 40%
Increased profitability by 2%

International Language Program (ILP)

International Language Program (ILP) were experiencing slower business growth due to internal and external problems. From the conversation with BIG Change Agency, it was derived that they need to redefine themselves first as a company before going into implementation of sales strategy. The Principal of ILP stated that “We need to change the culture here, from our teachers and to all of our staff.”

The Cultural Change program was conducted with a series of monthly workshops for 12 months to the top management, with quarterly workshops for all the staff members. Through a constant emersion with BIG Change Agency, the Top management were able to grasp, ask questions, get feedback and continue the process in order for them to lead the change themselves with the guidance of BCA.

ILP have been able to cascade their mission, vision towards the whole organisation with implementation strategy. This strategy works wonderfully for them as it enables the whole organisation to fully embrace the new culture, standards and new way of working that is expected.

The Results

  • No #1 most profitable ILP outlet in Indonesia.
  • Higher staff engagement.
  • Higher growth and sales results.


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